Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blue-Eye Spring Jacket Dress

C's back to school this week and I'm back to my sewing routine. She's started a new extra mural and stayed at school's aftercare for the first time. She loved it and described it as a group play date. My girl's growing up fast.

The blurry pictures don't do its justice but the print on this fabric looks like millions of square evil eyes. When I take pictures of myself, I bring out the tripod --> plop the camera on --> put a small table against the white wall to focus --> set the camera to continuous shots --> push the shutter button and run to the wall --> move away the said table --> neaten the clothes in the remaining 1 second --> say cheese. It's quite something to do back and forth 20 times in a row, yet I still get blurry pictures because I suppose I am not as short as the table, but I can't possibily get a closet in and out there in time. Is it time for a remote now?

The pattern is from this book. It's my first time sewing something from it and I was very surprised that all the projects are one-size-fits-all. That's no problem to me because I'm about average size. And, and it's a very important and happy AND, probably because of that, all the seam allowances are included and drawn on the pattern sheets, which has saved me so much time on tracing.

There are tons of notches on the pattern, but when putting everything together, it's a dream. All the notches match perfectly and there's no pulling or unplanned gathering needed. The shape is straight forward. I've sewn two very similar style before, here and here. The extra details of this jacket dress include a small collar, front bodice/shoulder gathering and a double layered back yoke.

It is called a jacket dress, because it can be worn as a long jacket, or tie everything up and wear as a dress without pants underneath. But I prefer the open-jacket-with-pants-underneath version. It looks more versatile and gives a lot of movements.

OK. Wearing it just as a dress isn't too bad either, because I simply can't keep twirling around all day. The big amount of overlap at the front gives it power to stand up against the wind. I haven't stood in the crazy wind to test it, but I would imagine it to be wind-resistant...

Which version do you prefer?
Happy weekend everyone.

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