Friday, October 9, 2015

Adieu Rosie Flower

Lately life is a emotional turmoil. We lost one of our beautiful cats that I blogged about here and here, and she made her appearances a lot during our photoshoot sessions, here and here. Besides the moles and occasional rats and birds, she had also brought us great fun and joy. She was such an adventurer and excellent climber. Once I saw her on the tree as tall as our upstairs window, and she just made her way down with ease. She was such a chatter box and attention seeker. She would happily come to you to have a conversation and nudge your hand so you could stroke her head at the same time....

Two years ago, Zazu, a male kitten, joined our family. Then two months after that, we had Rosie Flower Flamingo (RFF), a female one so they could keep each other company. Shortly after that, C started to develop strong Asthma symptoms with one hour coughing session daily. She was diagnosed with mild asthma and the skin test showed that she's also mildly allergic to cats. Now what? Do I send the kittens back? I was out voted at the time. Now thinking back, I really wish I had persisted on rehoming both kittens. Which other parents who have their children's best interest at heart wouldn't have done so? Since then, C's been on long-term asthma control medications. If you know me, you should know how I feel about drugs. And here, my daughter's on a daily dose due to the new addition to our family...
As the time went by, our cats had become part of the family, but I still couldn't make peace with C's inhaler. I had tried the essential oils therapy and lowered the dosage to the minimum, all in hope that she had grown immune to our cats. But once she's drug free for a few days, the symptoms would kick start again.
Our RFF becoming severely sick was a tragedy. After an over-nighter at the vet, she became even more sick and I got a time-is-of-the-essence call from the vet the next morning. C and I rushed to the vet and then and there, I made the decision to let her go. Besides the absurdly high charges for the surgery, aftercares and possible sequela, I had C's medical condition to worry about. It was extremely sad when we watched her go. We were both in tears as I begged for her forgiveness.
I've been asking myself "Would I have agreed to the surgery if I were given a second chance?" The answer is unfortunately negative. As a mother, protective or not, I am programmed to keep my child's health at the highest priority. I only wish the cat's exiting would be a different way.

Our dear Rosie Flower Flamingo, we will always miss you. You have a big space in our hearts and we will have that space for you forever.

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