Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Nautical Themed Blouse

Just as I was mentally prepared to bring my productivity to zero this school holiday, that little girl of mine decided to go to work with daddy the other day, which freed me a day to sew up this blouse that had been cut up a week ago. It's hard work trying to keep an only child stay activity hydrated, so that day felt like a pure reward and this blouse a real bonus.

Let's get to the details, shall we?
The pattern is from Simple Chic. I've found quite a few patterns in this book are one-size-fits-all, including this one. The fitting shouldn't be too off considering I'm Asian and all... I went ahead and squeezed all the pieces into this two-meter long gorgeous cotton. I had just tiny bit extra to lengthen the sleeves by 3cm each, but apparently it's not enough to make the blouse into a full-length sleeve version.

This fabric is made from some finest and softest cotton I've ever felt. It's a dream to sew. There's always some reassurance buying cotton fabric from Japan or China. People generally prefer 100% cotton or linen over there. I've bought some fabric here and ended up discovering they've got some percentage of poly blend. Now I go fabric shopping with my own lighter.

There are these (naked) mermaid prints which made my daughter frown at this fabric. "Sissy fabric" is what she calls it. Her loss equals my gain. The construction of the blouse involves side panel gathers. It's a very interesting design and fun to put up all the pieces together.

These pants I wear in the pictures were one of the very first pairs I made when I started sewing for myself. I had to mend holes in the crotch area a few times. I think it's the style that restricts you from certain movements. Other than that, they are so comfy and easy to wear. I've worn them too much that the color has defeinitely faded tremendously from washing. I struggle to find a good pants pattern that suits my body shape --- narrow hips and small butt that is, and I am always tempted to go back to this pattern and make 100 pairs of them.
Besides that typical Asian body shape curse, I also own a pair of slight cavus feet. There are very limited amount of shoes I can wear. Most of the time I wear shoes with cushioned soles, or with orthotic inserts. In order to have a better look for the photoshoots, I got three pairs of pumps from Cotton On for R200 (US$14.5). They were on sale and they are junkie no doubt. But hey at least they don't look too bad on photos.
One last week of school holiday remaining, then I have plans coming back in full swing. I have the tendency to be overly optimistic with my plans though. Let's see.

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