Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Mavy Wavy Halloween Costume

It feels like Halloween has arrived a little early.
October is a big month for costumes sewing. Good news is that this year the idea came to me. One of C's friends is having a Hotel Transvylvania themed birthday party soon, and I was lucky enough to be responsible for costume making, knowing my daughter would most probably request a same outfit. What would beat a vampire Halloween costume? Besides, it's so fuss to sew at all.

I used my go-to tee shirt pattern for the dress. All I did was measure how long I wanted it to be, then made the bottom a little wider than Mavis's dress (very specific request). Since it's Spring going into Summer, the turtle neck had to go. Leggings pattern is from the same book. I have indeed sewn a lot of leggings.

To create the lines on the leggings was super easy. I taped it down on a board just following the lines. The watermelon color I used wasn't very strong with only one coat. Then I decided to give it another coat, but after that I kind of prefer the weaker tone and went back to it. C didn't even notice. So I sewed up the leggings for her anyway. The pair for her friend have no difference between the two legs. I promise.

There she was, counting how many mice she's captured. She stuck all those mice on the wall as background. Mice are vampires/bats' prey, right?
Birthday costume twin, we are ready!

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