Friday, September 18, 2015

Tangerine Tango Frilly Blouse


Color. Tangerine. Eyes wide open.
Unlike the current Asia's stock market index, our temperature is going up pretty firmly, which means it's time to sew for Spring, which also means I can finally use some of the lightweight fabric from our previous Japan trip. This piece is pure cotton with some woven details. For some reason, the material doesn't take air erasable pen well. The color almost fades within a minute. I've long given up chalk and pencil, as they tend to grab the fabric.

The pattern is from Sweet Dress Book. It's the first time I sewed with darts. I always felt intimidated with darts, having seen so many of those Project Runway designers scratch their heads "the darts are at the wrong place". But you know what, I didn't draft the pattern and I have a normal(ish) Asian body shape. Wherever those darts are, they shouldn't cause too many problems. It turned out, that sewing with darts is just like sewing a pintuck. Don't let darts scare you.

The opening is quite low, so wearing something underneath is essential. I also packed away the winter clothes and took out all the wrinkly Spring wear. This skirt, which I didn't make, goes pretty well with the blouse, don't you think?

It's also my first encounter with hook & eye fasteners. They made the front closure looks almost invisible. I wondered if the commercial line have a specific machine to sew on these little things, because hand sewing them one by one was kind of time consuming. The frilly bits really give the top a feminine look. C proclaims she has to have a top exactly the same like this one. "You cannot make any mistakes. Exactly.the.Same." Oh dear, I will see what I can do....

C and I take turns being the photographer and the model. So when I sew something for myself, I set up the tripod for her and she gets behind the camera. Sometimes it can get a little ... silly. I tend to be goofy and animated when I am with her. Or, maybe that's just an indication of my true self. Below is a picture of me when I just got in front of the camera, in my house slippers, and trying to follow the photogrpher's instructions. It's exactly what I need to stay sane (or insane) at the thought of another upcoming school holiday.

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