Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tangerine Tango Frilly Blouse Mini Version

When I made my Tangerine Tango Frilly Blouse a week ago, C was upset that it was not for her. She requested a same blouse in her size. "Same fabric. Same everything." I get it. She likes the ruffles.

Two options went through my head. I could even downscale everything to her size -- which involves pattern grading and drafting, or I find a pattern that looks quite similar then add ruffles -- which is easy peasy. I went for the second option. I mean I'd like to try pattern drafting one day, but for the time being with madam asking me every few hours "Are you making that blouse for me yet?" even when she clearly saw me standing in front of a stove preparing supper, I had to go for the quick fix.

A few months ago, we went to a corner fabric trim shop on Ravenscraig Road (in Woodstock) and C got so involved looking for buttons and trims for her art. She would take one button here and one bow there and ended up having a whole bowl of stuff. Instead of calculating a sum from every single item, the lady there was child friendly enough that she gave a "kiddie special price" for the whole bowl. I found these five little flower shaped button from C's art supply after I got her permission to dig around. She actually doesn't have to undo the buttons to put on the blouse, but who wants to miss out the fun on practising undoing some buttons?

The blouse pattern I'm using is from this book. I measured the length from one side of the hem, going all the way up around the neck and down to the other hem, then times 1.5 and gathered it up. There are many tutorials online. This one is pretty good with visual explanation.

The skirt was made a few months ago. It's long enough to last for at least a year or two I think. Plus the blouse is roomy too.

I've started putting a behind-the-scene or silly photo at the end of a post. This is just before the shoot of me rubbing hair off her face. It occurs to me that sometimes she looks so grown up posing in front of the camera and all, but other times she's more like a baby always looking for a cuddle.  That sweet girl, I love her too much.

Happy Heritage Day!

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