Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer Days Pyjamas Dress

If there's anything I've learnt so far about my 5-year-old's summer dress code, it's the more shoulder exposing the better. She would negotiate from a short-sleeve to a sleeveless, or better, from sleeveless to two thin straps. Actually, what she wears most during those hot months is sun screen. With bare skin exposed in the African sun, my religion is applying maximum sun protection.

I am not sure what triggered me to make this pyjamas looking dress at the beginning of our Spring. But hey we've got a few temperature hikes already and if she's lucky, she'll be wearing it this weekend when it goes up to 27C again on Sunday.

She was playing with these strong magnetic capsules in the top picture. It was her idea to get creative during the shoot and my idea to move our bed and couches around so we could have a not-so-white background for a oh-so-very-white dress. C was very excited with the layout change of the bedroom, so much so that it made me decide to keep things like this for a while, so I can have a permanent alternative background.

What do I like about this pattern from Girly Style Wardrobe? It's super quick to sew, and can be very versatile with different fabric and trims. I saw a Princess Aurora inspired dress using very similar pattern pieces. This material is so soft that even I could easily dream in it, whether it is a pyjamas or not.

The dress is tiny bit big on her. I temporarily pinned the shoulder straps, but will have to get a more reliable solution.

C doesn't have one specific soft toy that she's slept with since birth. Sometimes she'd grab a toy to go to bed with, until the novelty wears off.  Right now, this fox is having her turn three nights in a row.  One lucky fox.

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