Friday, September 4, 2015

Spring-into-Action Outfit Part II

As I was planning for the Spring-into-Action outfit a week ahead of time, I checked the weather forecast. 25 degrees Celsius on Friday. A short-sleeve dress should do it. However, over the weekend, we had rain and wind blowing from all sorts of directions, which pushed our Monday and Tuesday's temperature back to the 15C. That's no good... A backup plan is in order.

I happened to have this brushed cotton in my stash. Bought it from our last trip again. I know I'm constantly buying fabric still, but the fabric that I "smuggled" in our suitcases should last me a long time. I haven't even used it half of them.

Pattern is from my beloved book by Mano Akiko. I truly love this book. I wish I could fit in all those clothes myself. It's not too girlish, which is exactly what C's looking for right now. She's transformed from a "pink only" girl to liking more neutral colors. We were buying a hula hoop the other day and I asked her which color she'd choose. "Any color but pink." was the answer.  There's nothing wrong with pink, it's just I feel my little girl is growing fast.... Her saying bye to pink is almost like a farewell to the little girlhood.

She came home straight from Hip Hop practise and I put the poncho over her top, not bothering to change anything else. I suppose she likes the way it's put together too --- not too girlish.

As a pro in front of the camera nowadays, she goes to take various props herself and this one is showing some fruits that we painted together. Yum. She's also willing to try out many new foods. It doesn't matter to me whether she likes it or not. Trying is a big step.

So I walked into the classroom yesterday when it's 22C outside, just to make sure she won't be boiling in this poncho. There stood the teacher with a scarf and thickish long sleeves. The classroom doesn't get much sun so it's quite cool indeed. Exactly what I wanted to know.

Spring-in-Action Outfit has changed from a short-sleeve dress to a two-layer. Something that shouldn't surprise you when you live in beautiful Cape Town.


  1. Beautiful! And I bet it's as soft as a dream to wear, being brushed cotton. Love the color too!

    1. Thanks. I had been saving this fabric. Now I've finally turned it into a garment, I hope it will last a year at least on her constantly growing body...