Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seven Signs Show that School Holidays are Here

Besides all the national holidays, C's school celebrates both Christian and Jewish holidays. On top of them, there are occasional school holidays here and there, when the school just decides to bonus us a long weekend. If it could celebrate Chinese New Year and have those days off too, my guess is the school would have done so. As a result, we are almost homeschool trained. The third holidays have arrived, one and a half weeks earlier than other schools. The endless imaginary play at home has kicked off.
There are a few noticeable changes in our school holiday life.
1. The alarm clock is off, but sometimes you still get an early wakeup call from the daughter who is not in the holiday time zone yet.
2. We have plenty time in the morning to go wild with hair styles. This morning I did 8 plaits.

3. Unnecessary baking is happening. We've made healthy double chocolate muffins with zucchini, honey and wholewheat flour. Here is proof that C did take a bite but not liking it. I am not a muffin fan either but don't want them to go waste. There are 10 muffins still in the fridge and that kind of puts me off for any further "healthy" baking exercise.
4. My sewing table, a.k.a. dinning room table is spotless clean. Not because we have guests and we need to make use of the whole table. It's simply because there's no sewing related activity happening, at all.

5. C is dragged to do the grocery shopping. Somehow I always compromise to a frozen yoghurt, which I just found out only sounds healthier than ice cream.
6. School holiday is not my holiday. However, dear hubby automatically thinks I have more time now. As a result, I am buried under the house chores and keeping C busy at the same time. "When will you cook a traditional Chinese meal again, with many different dishes?" I had to laugh. "Right after two loads of washing?"
7. The fact that I'm writing this moonshine instead of doing any positive sewing says it all.
On a different note, we are enjoying the lounge around and we have moved our meal spot from in front of TV to the said sewing/dinning table. Improvement. Unlike the last holiday, this one feels more relaxed wthout a sense of desperation for activities.

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