Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Double Spined Snow Leopard Swimsuit

I present you this snow leopard that has spines at the front and back. While cutting the fabric, I paid extra attention (maybe too much) to make sure that pattern fold is on this line which represents the center of a leopard's back. I was so overwhelmed picturing a leopard swimsuit with a proper back print, that I cut the front piece just as the back piece, without thinking twice. I only realized this mistake when C put it on. So I took pictures as usual, showed them to M later that night. I wasn't sure if it was the late hour, or it was really not that obvious. It took him some good two minutes to scroll the hundreds of pictures and gave a "I cannot see any problem."

Can leopard swim? Surprisingly, they are good swimmers. That's how I end up with this fabric. The fabric shop I went to doesn't have swimwear fabric, but they showed me their scuba fabric range, which was all with colorful bold and wild prints. I felt my heart sink and was ready to be on my way out. Then I saw this guy carrying a roll of animal print back to its shelf. That's it. My swimming leopard. I don't know if this stretchy fabric is salt and chlorine proof, but the name "scuba" definitely sells it. We will see how it holds its shape tomorrow at swimming lesson.

The pattern is called Sun N' Fun Swimsuit and Leotard from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. Generally, I like simple styles so at first I skipped the bow and shoulder ruffles. During the shoot, one shoulder kept on falling off. Then a bow was added to hold the straps together, kind of.

Sewing a swimsuit wasn't as scary as I thought it might be. On the contrary, this was done in 20 minutes. I didn't line the whole suit as instructed but added a crotch lining to cover the seam of front and back pieces.

A happy leopard in her new swimsuit/leotard.

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