Monday, September 7, 2015

Double Gauze Gray Frilly Dress

There are about 80% gray and 90% dark shades in my closet. I noticed it today. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing a gray jersey right now as I'm tying this. Is a person's character shown through the colors he or she wears? As much as I wear gray, I hope I don't appear to be too sad, or monotonous...

I'm drawn to gray for a number of reasons. One, it almost matches any other colors; Two, it's got that neutral and calming tone; Three, it's in between black and white duh; Four, Fifty Shades of Grey people; Five, do I really have to associate having a full on grey closet with any potential psychological disorders?

So I guess details play a big part when the color is achromatic. This dress is full of gathers and frilly pieces. Pattern from Sweet Dress Book. The dress was super fast to sew. Nothing beats these one-pieces without closure. I've finally got the momentum of sewing after shifting my daily timetable a little. It's a great feeling to be productive and knowing and proving that I'm doing more than just being a kitchen slave.

I didn't have much luck with photoshoot today. With our gloomy weather, all the pictures had to be over-exposed by photoshop. And here in the picture above, I was negotiating with our cat see if she could stay out of the scene and let me be for one minute. Look who's winning.

Photo bomber.
Behind the scene picture --- the result of setting a timer on the camera and having your 5-year-old around.
That's it for today.

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