Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Spring-into-Action Outfit Part I

Miss C's school is having a casual day this Friday, meaning the children won't be restricted to wearing school uniform. Good news. To celebrate Spring they are encouraged to wear something green. How do they always know C doesn't own anything green? I did make a jersey a while ago for Sports Day, but that piece had mysteriously disappeared....

At the same time, I bought this beautiful fabric from Studio 47.  Doesn't the print remind you of Spring? It's so very soft. According to my not-so-reliable fabric knowledge, it is loosely woven cotton linen. I get excited when I find treasure tucked in an unnoticeable corner. After countless visits, I've finally learnt to take time and dig deep.

The pattern is from here. C flipped through the book and chose this style. The closure is at the back with 6 buttons. There are a lot of cute styles in this book, thus the name I'm sure. I've got a few books with sizes go up only to 130cm. Sometimes I feel I've got way too many sewing books, yet I still constantly looking for new releases.

Here she is holding up a chair on her head.
Me: Shall I switch on some music?
C: No, mommy. I know how to pose. Look, I'm an African lady.

And then she decided the dress didn't have enough flowers.

Of course, the twirlability needs to be checked.

Tomorrow is the said "casual day". However, she's not going to school with this dress.
Spring-into-Action Outfit Part II to come....


  1. love this! such a classic style sewn up in a fun print! Great choice of patterns - and I know what you mean about always wanting to check out the newest release while still having lots of unsewn patterns left. Such a dilemma:)

    1. Thank you, Lucinda. About that OSPPS --- Obsessive Sewing Pattern Purchasing Syndrome, I need a cure....