Friday, August 28, 2015

Spring Skinny LaMinx Jacket

M said to me one day, "Oh there's some leftover fabric from one job at the upholsterer's. If you want, I can go get it and maybe you can make cushions or whatever." I was thinking of more like zipper pouch potentials, but generally I never say NO to fabric. When I finally met the 2.5 meters of Skinny LaMinx, I almost fainted.
I couldn't wait to get started. This fabric barely frails and holds its shape so nicely. Ideal for a jacket. With upholstery fabric, you really can't make anything else. Lots of images went through my head. I wanted it to be dramatic, without me looking like a couch though.
The pattern is from With My Own Style by Yoshiko Tsukiori, who is a major player in Japanese sewing books. The jacket was effortless to put together, except.... I forgot I have sloth arms. The sleeves are a bit short but if I pair it with a high collar long sleeve shirt, the sleeves are not drawing attention at all.
I have had these very special buttons since our March trip. It's like they've waiting for this jacket. What a perfect match.

This jacket is one of a kind. It's been a dream-come-true, with things sourced locally and produced locally. Thank you Skinny LaMinx for producing such beautiful fabric.