Thursday, August 6, 2015

DIY Tee + Hip Hop Pants Combo

Lately this little girl has been claiming that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. It's not too far from the fashion designer career path she chose last September. My parents worked non-creative jobs and neither of them is artistic. As a consequence, I wasn't brought up exposed to paintings and drawings. In fact, I remember writing my homework from other subjects in art class. My creativity has grown a tremendous amount since the birth of C. Now I'm a big crafter in the house and I suppose it's what C sees everyday.

She's got this app called Toca Tailor on iPad that she says very often. It's all about clothing designs. Somehow she's stuck on one particular fabric pattern that's got black and white stripes. One day she asked me if she could paint it on the fabric. "Sure." What is a sewing mama for? So I helped her tear off masking tapes and we covered the whole front panel. And then we painted the whole thing black. Yes, she (we) had to paint over those masking tapes, just because painting is fun.

The tee shirt pattern is from Girls Clothes I Want to Make. I added about 4cm on the front neckline and 1cm each on both shoulders so the neck is not too low for the season. Instead of bias binding, I cut up a neckband, so it hugs the neck even more.

The sarouel pants (pattern from Simplicity) I made early this year are almost knee length now, so I guess a new pair is in order. As I am typing this, C's probably changed to this outfit and getting ready for her hip hop class. I'd say she does have some kind of Hip Hop attitude.

C does both Ballet and Hip Hop extra murals at school. She got very disappointed that she was chosen as a Ballet girl (again) for the school concert. Her logic is there're many Hip Hop girls already and not so many that do Ballet and Hip Hop, and she's on the ballet team because she does both. But, if she stops doing ballet, she should be in the Hip Hop team. It worked. I talked to the teacher and pulling her out from the ballet class wasn't a condition. C says ballet is not as fun anyway, so I guess she's Hip Hop all the way now.

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