Friday, August 21, 2015

Bring Winter Back For the Sake of Faux Fur Jacket

One day when we were waiting in the queue at a supermarket, a lady in fur jacket caught our eyes. C couldn't move her eyes away from that jacket. I asked her quietly, "Would you like a fur jacket too?" "Yes yes please." She almost answered before I could finish my sentence. Our winter is almost going (I hope), but being a sewing mama, I really can't say No to sewing request --- in this case, a partially initiated request.

To be honest, I wasn't very sure of sewing faux fur. For a starter, the shedding puts me off. The reality is even worse than what I had expected. I don't know how to begin to describe my sewing table, a.k.a. our dining table. All of a sudden, our two cats' loose hair traveling in the air had stopped drawing my attention. I got a pattern from Mano Akiko's book, and decided to eliminate the pockets and the back details. I didn't think my machine could handle four layers of this fur anyway. I used the bias tape to finish off the hems, and replaced the buttons with snap fasteners. Sewing with fur is quite forgiving. The stitches are buried deep and I never pressed or top stitched on this jacket.  As a result, this jacket came together really quickly.


By the way, C had a haircut the other day. She wanted to go for short(ish), and wanted me to be the hair dresser. I chopped off the bottom 3 times to eventually achieve the length she was looking for. It was hassle-free cutting her hair. During my first few years in South Africa, I was frustrated to find few western hair dressers can cut Asians' hair well, so I bought my own professional scissors, watched a few videos on Youtube, and started trimming my own hair. Guess I was then a budding DIYer already. Now I've been going to Korean hairdresser for almost two years. Life changer.

Back to the jacket. I asked C,"When are you going to wear it now that it's getting warmer?" She said,"When I go to London and New York in Winter." Yep. She's convinced that those two places have everything to offer --- all the toys that South Africa doesn't have. "Next winter school holiday when it's summer there can we go, pretty please?" *insert pleading emoji*

Once again, I paired it with a one-shoulder dress I made a year ago. This dress is so well used from all the dress-up play dates. It's been stained with chocolate ice cream a few times, the seams being ripped at a few places by mishandling, but I say it's definitely a survivor.  

She's checking if there's hidden treasure in the bag.
Happy weekend.

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