Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Minion Outfit

Have you watched the new Minion Movie? We did during the school holidays and now we have officially caught the minion fever. Our food cupboard is currently loaded with one particular cereal brand because it comes with a mysterious minion figurine. We got 6 boxes just to make sure that we had all the characters covered.

Last weekend we went to the beach right next to a park. Between C and I, we had 6 pockets. When we left, we had four hands full of shells on top of our pocket loads. For future reference, pockets are inelimatable, especially for under-prepared treasure hunt moments.

The pinofore pattern is from this book, one of the many A Sunny Spot/Heart Warming Life Series. I got a piece of chambray instead of denim. Why? I'm really not a pro at turning the fabric tube inside out, despite multiple youtube videos. The basic tee pattern is from here. The tee has so many potentials and I find I've used the yellow + dark bottom combination a lot of times already, see here and here. Am I predictable or what? This time it's all for the love of Minions...

So after I moved the furniture and cleared out some space for the photo shoot, C said,"What about goggles?" Fair enough. Luckily I had paper cups and elastic is already in stock. It was a quick make. But then she says, they don't really look like the minions' goggles and they look silly. OK...She's got a point. You win some and you lose some.

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