Thursday, July 2, 2015

Homeschool, or not?

Just before the winter school holiday started, I was looking at a few homeschool options, all U.S. based. You know, I was reading a blog, then one thing led to another, I was hooked into homeschooling, or at least reading about it. A customized education for your own kid sounds very appealing. I'm not exactly sure if it's because of me taking up crafting seriously, it seems I would very much like to DIY my child's education too? Plus, that possibility of graduating-from-university-at-the-age-of-13 sounds sick but fascinating.

We are in the first week of holiday, and I've positively cancelled the idea. Being an only child, C thrives on play mates. She doesn't possess the ability to entertain herself for too long, and that's usually when I kick in, crafting and playing. But sometimes situations don't allow that to happen, due to multiple chores, or the fact that I just need a bit of peace for myself. She's so into role play that if given the chance, she could easily carry on the whole day, or longer. Five minutes into a "pretend play" game, I'm already yawning with a brewing headache. I have to honestly admit I've certainly lost my imagination for pretend play. I phoned a friend who has a daughter of the same age for rescue. For two days, the girls played non-stop! That's something I know I'm never going to provide for my daughter.

C loves her school and all the activities, given it structured or free play. If she is to be taken out of school, I will have to search high and low for all sorts afterschool activities to give her chances to socialize with other peers. I am an indoor person, already on the extreme side, but C has to be bribed to go to parks. If it was just the two of us at home during the day, we are probably going to kill each other --- with her being super bored and me not surviving her on-going pretend games. For sure it's unhealthy for either of us.

I might have been heavily influenced by Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother before, but I've dropped Kumon more than a year ago and I'm on a more relaxed approached since. C repeatedly states that she wants to be artist when she grows up, and that she cannot wait for Grade 1, so they can have more advanced math than the "baby math" they are doing now at preschool. I've learnt to go with the flow, meaning not to force anything upon her. And to take her away from her friends that she enjoys so much on a daily basis is just not right. That homeschool will only come when one day if she decides on it.

Happiness is when you know your child is having great fun. Run free, my girl.

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