Friday, July 24, 2015

Draped Goun Jacket and Turtleneck Tee Combo

This is the winter version of my hemp jacket outfit. I am quite predictable sometimes and I find it difficult to break through a certain style. I can tell already this jacket is going to be my new religion.

At the beginning I wasn't very sure about all that drape at the back and was a little disappointed at how it turned out. But wo days later, it's grown on me. It's my grab-and-go. The pattern, from Kana's Standard, is basically a big rectangle with two holes cut out. Then you insert the sleeves and hem all the edges. It doesn't get any easier than that.

I am beyond excited to have finally found this turtleneck tee pattern, for free. This is the answer to wear all your summer clothes in winter. I would wear it underneath a low-neck dress. No need to put on a big scarf around my neck that covers up half of the top anymore. The pattern comes with one size only. I didn't do any measurements and went straight to cut the fabric, very typical of me. It hugs my body just a little too much. But that is easy to be fixed on the next tee.

I get a feeling that I will regret one day for putting these silly pictures online. But since the tee shirt is on the tight side, it feels like my second skin and I couldn't help but bringing out the Taiji/party attitude, to break my very predictable pose.

Happy weekend!

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