Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Knitted Classic Jersey


I sew. I cook. I do housework (which is a big deal if you live where I live where almost every single household has a maid). And now I have just knitted my very first jersey. If you throw me back to 1950, I think I should survive just fine.

Back in March, I got myself some wool and knitting needles on my birthday. The guy at Orion Wool and Craft spent a good hour with me explaining all the yarn types. I think he saw some potential in me. I got out of the shop with two balls of wool and attempted a pair of leg warmers at home. Leg warmers don't need much shaping at all and I got bored. Yes, bored. There's no challenge. I somehow managed to finish one of them, tried it on, and didn't like it. So I dropped it and moved back to sewing.

I knew I was going to be busy with C during this past holiday and would probably be left very little time to make things. If I were to produce just one thing, what would it be? A sweater for winter holiday? Sounds about right. I found this pattern in a book called Knit: 35 projects with a comtemporary twist by Martie Lochner and sat in front of TV every night, knitting, very unlike a grandma who can actually knit and watch TV at the same time, I had to concentrate on the stitches. Nevertheless, being away from the sewing machine meant I did spend time with hubby at night, well sort of. M commented that at least he could hear the TV without the humming noise from the sewing machine....

Unlike sewing, knitting is more like first create your own material, then sew up pieces together. It's time time time we are talking about. If I am ever going to knit another jersey, I'll feed the pieces through my sewing machine, whether it works that way or not.
The good news is C likes it and couldn't believe I actually pulled it off, and the jersey is big enough to last through next winter. When I finally went to my machine at the end of the holiday, she said to me. "Are you going to sew again? That will be much faster."
All I can say is knitting is a journey and I'm glad I tried it out. I'm not sure I'm the type that sews in summer and knits in winter. For now I'm just going to tick the box that says "I've knitted".

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