Sunday, June 28, 2015

Scratch or Not

Around this time last year, after my discovery of sewing, I had this outbursting desire to make everything from scratch, with the freshest ingredients possible. We consume too many unnecessary additives nowadays. How many times have you read the ingredients on a product and realized that you cannot prounounce half of them? So for a long while, I made my own bread regularly; if a recipe calls for passata, I'd buy fresh tomatos and make my own; I made tortillas and used the leftover to make nachos...

When my parents-in-law came to visit in September, they brought me a pasta machine that was passed down to them (antiques?). One evening my father-in-law and I decided to make pasta. Homemade egg pasta tastes a lot richer than store-bought dry pasta. Our effort was well worth it.

The thing is, making-everything-from-scratch period didn't last too long. There was too much time going into this "food pureness", more time than I had on my hand. I've since then moved the pasta machine to a deeper end of my cupboard.

My father-in-law was hospitalized for almost two months this year, and the first thing he did after he got home was to sent me another pasta machine.... Now I've got not just one but two beautiful quality machines that I feel I should make use of, soon.

Since getting know to sewing, I've developed this goal to clothes myself and  my young daughter. I love the idea that our clothes we wear now are made from good fabric without  sweat shop labors, which is almost like avoiding the harmful ingredients in a food product to me.

The ideal way of living for me is to farm your own chickens and eggs, milk the cows and make the butter. But knowing my low limit of handling the mess and smell (let alone the fact that we live in a city), I'd say I should at least give growing vegetables a try.

Providing quality food has always been a focus in our household. I rarely cut corners when I go do a grocery shopping. There are too many other ways to save money. We don't go out to eat often. The cost of a previously-frozen-chicken-breast dish from a restaurant is usually more than my free-range premium cut steak.

Although I don't make fresh pastas or bread --- speaking of living a balanced life, a.k.a. more time to create, I do make a thoughtful dinner everyday and that's non-negotiable.

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