Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Hairdye Revolution

My original hair color is black, pitch black. Unlike many Asians who don't like the dull black, I loved my hair color. It was rich and shiny. In my teens, my friends often said to me "You have grey hair." I would remain calm and say to them "Look again, it's the reflection of the light." My hair was that shiny....

Both my parents went grey very early. So no matter how much Polygonum multiflorum Thunb or Ginseng I swallow, I cannot escape the inevitables. I started to spot grey hair in my late 20's. (Sigh) Since then I tried dying it a lighter shade plus highlight so the new growth was almost disguised.

The thing is I'm really getting tired of that monthly harsh chemical dosage. Go Natural is the slogan here. So I found this Caca Brun from LUSH --- Henna and Indigo hair dye.

I watched tons of Youtube videos before I went for it. This is a commitment people. You're in for a mess.
I left it on for 4 hours and wrapped my head up in the shape of a beehive. C didn't want to go anywhere near me, but I found the smell just herbal and weirdly soothing.... With any other chemical dye, I just want to hold my breath and can't wait to wash it off.

The result:
My priority --- does it cover grey? You shouldn't have too much faith in "natural" products. It doesn't. Period. It might give the grey a light tint, but after a week, the tint fades. Will I do it again? Yeahbsolutely. My hair felt so silky after the treatment. I've officially said my good-byes to poisonous chemicals that burnt my scalp. Let nature take its course and I shall embrace it. Grey hair is the new blonde as they say.

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