Friday, June 19, 2015

Linen Boy's Stand-up Collar Shirt

C got a birthday invitation from a boy in her class last week. She opened the envelope then the image of Captain America and The Hulk pop out. "Eww, this is so boyish. I will never go to that party." Okay, I suppose the boys probably have the similar reaction when they receive a princess themed party invite. C used to be very into Carstoon and Planes. Somehow since she started preschool, she started to realize there's an invisible but definite line between boy stuff and girl stuff. These boy characters were never heard of and look kinda gross. So it's no go for her.

The party was during the long weekend and I had extra time to prepare this present. Never miss a chance to create has become my new motto, plus I've never sewn boys' clothes before. Sewing a shirt is exciting. I got some linen from a lady who apparently hand dyed it, chose a pattern from Sew Chic Kids, and I was ready to go. To customize it, I added a freezer paper stencil of Captain America's shield's symbol at the back of the shirt.

Since I don't have a serger, I chose a pattern that has the most enclosed seams. See the collar to yoke to back, no open seams. Sometimes you take it for granted with a particular sewing project and you end up wasting time unpicking and restitching. This is one of those situations. I kept on making silly mistakes and resewed almost every single piece....Very forgiving fabric by the way.

The other day M asked me if I still enjoy sewing. Absolutely, I'm totally hooked. I'd rather spend hours on end making this shirt than go out and get a toy. Does it say anything to you?
I am slowly discovering a whole variety of other craftivities. Card making, fabric printing, knitting, painting, stamp making.... Ah the list is endless....

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