Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Handmade Gifts --- Skirts + Zipper Pouches

When is this wind going to stop? This winter has kicked off quite fiercely. We have been indoors with all the windows and doors shut, but this wind, apparently on a high dosage of speed, is testing the strength of the house. The story of Three Little Pigs comes to mind.

OK. Let's come to the skirts and zipper pouches. C got a birthday invite last week and being the last-minute gift shopper that I am, I waited till the day before the party when it poured and poured with rain, so naturally that gift had to be born from the house. I had been wanting to sew little things as gifts but that sense of accomplishment from a garment often overshadows the satisfaction from something much smaller. This time, I had no choice with my time allowance.

The skirts turned out to be so cute. For the pattern, you only need four pieces of rectangles and an elastic band. C waited patiently for me to finish, which doesn't happen often, then pleaded for the same one, which happens all the time. I knew I was going to make more than one skirt before I even started. May be I should start a kids birthday sweat shop by stocking up skirts and pouches? ;)

I once made an Elsa dress as a gift when I first started out to sew. It took me days to sew two at the same time. It was a challenge but I was really happy that I made it happen. The moment I gave it to the birthday girl, I felt confident. Now thinking back, I probably had forgot to use stretch stitches on knit fabric, or there must've been some parts that were done unprofessionally. But this is the thing about handmade --- It is imperfect. It's the thoughts and effort behind those stitches that really count, right?

I'm so into making things now. I mean it shouldn't be legal to feel so good about gifting people handmade or homemade stuff. We were supposed to go to a friend's place for breakfast last weekend, so the night before, this happened. 

C was feeling under the weather so we ended up cancelling the breakfast. But I shall call this it-is-time-to-dump-all-your-other-granola granola. It's that good. It guarantees your bowel movement too. And I have culinary science to back me up on that. The recipe is in this post.

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