Sunday, June 14, 2015

Border Gathered Pants

I had the urge to call them Pants-that-Look-Way-Better-without-Me-in-Them.  Originally I had planned a jacket out of this fabric. However, since I'm in the momentum of pants making and wearing, and especially in this moody weather of our winter, I feel obligated to fill my empty closet space designated to pantalones.

So when you are looking at a pants' pattern, you should rather give priority to the hip measurement than the waist measurement, right? I wrongfully chose a size that fits my waist but way too generous on my non-existing hips, which pretty much explains the unflattering look at the back. If only I had a curvy body..... 
I did lengthen 6cm religously as I will do to all future pants patterns from I Love Pants.

As to the construction, it's quite simple with a faux fly as a little extra detail besides the pockets.

These pants are not total failure. I wore them today with a long jacket, which covers the baggy problem at the back. The fabric is wool blend and I'm sure that's what kept me toasted. Sometimes you just have to give more credit because they're handmade and more so when you've made them yourself. It's a learning process....

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