Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Winterland Outfit -- Poncho + Skirt Combo

Cape Town's winter is in full swing. When it comes to clothes, our priority is warmth and wind-proof. I don't know how I came up with a poncho. I've never had one myself.  The idea of being wrapped in a tablecloth shaped thingy has always appeared odd to me. But hey, we're sewing and creating nowadays. The motto is to try something new. Okay, I do change my mottos quite often, to whatever suits the theme.

This poncho is made from two pieces of rectangles --- the easiest pattern to cut out that can actually be made into a top/jacket, of some sort. The pattern is from this wonderful magazine which is loaded with a good variety of ponchos. One of these days, I am going to make one for myself too.


I had about one meter of this gorgeous fabric left after I've made my Grey Striped Pants. I shortened the skirt pattern a little to squeeze everything in that one meter. If I had the choice, I'd probably pom pom everything. It's just so cute. I got these pom pom trimmings from our recent trip, but they're running out fast.

At first C wasn't so sure of this poncho thing either. But the fabric did the trick --- it is sparkly. I'd know immediately whether she's a big fan of a particular outfit when she refuses to take it off after the photoshoot. This is one of the them.

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