Monday, June 8, 2015

A Sevenberry Spring Jacket


Tim Gunn from Project Runway always chants "Designers, your journey begins and ends at Mood." Those words echo at the back of  my head like a church bell. It's very true. There's nothing better than having a good piece of fabric to work with.  The moment I laid my hands on this piece of Sevenberry, I knew a good jacket would be on its way soon.

As I get deeper and deeper into sewing, I start to discover some really beautiful Japanese fabrics. This Sevenberry polka dot cotton/linen/canvas mix is one of them. It looks very basic, with a stiff feel. I love polka dots. Who doesn't?! Yet these half invisible dots generate a more subtle and mature look.

This spring jacket is one of main reasons for me to get the book called Girls Clothes I want to make. After I browsed the book for the first time, I put the jacket making plan aside. It looks quite complicated with so many details, which means tons of fabric pieces to cut. It turned out, that I did spend one morning tracing and cutting the fabric on three different types of materials --- main fabric, facing and interfacing.  I guess I wanted to be super precise too.


Maybe not precise enough. When I trace a pattern, I always pay no attention to the button holes and sleeve marks. Did it backfire this time. I spent extra time ripping both sleeves off. Instead of side seams, this bodice has darts at the back, and each sleeve sewn together with two pieces of fabric--- not like anything I had sewn before. I called my backup, which involved M taking out a few jackets from the closet to look for mistakes with me.


The end result is still pretty solid. C is all dotted up in this outfit. :-)




  1. This is SO beautiful, Jing! You did a beautiful job with it, and that fabric is just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Lucinda. I feel I'm taking credit for this beautiful fabric. :D