Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This Week....

Our past 7 days were spent on between bed and couch, just as shown in the picture.

C was hit by some serious bug last week and for days she was feverish, for days she acted as if she had flopitis, flopping from place to place. But besides that, we had some really wonderful time together. We read stories, did arts, games, watched movies (lots of them). I didn't hear myself yelling once "Hurry up", or "We're going to be late!" We played her games, and she allowed sometime for me to do my own things. Everything we did felt spontaneous, but of course we didn't have a routine to follow and we didn't have to rush anywhere. I joked with my mother-in-law that I stayed at home with C for an entire week and I never felt the urge to kill myself this time.

We had such a great week that I even looked up homeschooling (crazy, I know). Often when things are easier, I tend to idealize everything, until reality hits.  I'm sure I can't handle being a full-time teacher and mom at the same time. Besides, C loves school and she already misses her friends.

We went grocery shopping together this afternoon. With C, every single stop we made she could spot something she liked and then asked/begged you whether she could have it. I immediately transformed into this lady that overuses her NOs. (sigh)

She's ready to go to school tomorrow and I shall get my shopping sanity back in no time.

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