Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Self-Drafted Tee + Double Gauze Long Skirt


My forever plan is to make more pants or long skirts to cover my winter closet. Long skirts usually have the stamina to endure the crazy wind, and they leave enough coverage on the legs as warmth is super important to me. So I grabbed scissors and another precious piece of double gauze ....

This skirt, pattern from Kana's Standard, uses a ton of fabric, about 3 meters to be precise. The front is gathered, with elastic band only at the back. I've positively become an expert at sewing inseam pockets after one pair of pants I sewed up recently. They are in fact very easy to sew and I don't regret spending extra time to pocket a skirt because I know they do become handy when I go out without a bag.

The tee shirt is an experiment. I've always wanted to try drafting my own patterns and I'd say pattern drafting 101 starts from a basic tee? This is not rocket science. I basically grabbed one of my old tees (By the way, I'm almost running out of basic tees, however I'm resisting the urge to buy, thus the pattern drafting.), turned it inside out where you see the seam allowance and traced around it. But because I wanted to be adventurous and experimental of course, I added more room to the bodice and sleeves, lifted up the neckline a little, so it's more suitable for winter. The scarf in the picture is not to accessorize the whole outfit but rather to cover the wonky neck band, where I do need to make some adjustments.

And because C's home a lot due to various school breaks. I wanted to involve her in the whole process. I found a few tubs of Dala fabric paint in her "Mister Maker Box" where she keeps all her arts and crafts supplies and just started painting with her. The fabric paint felt very thick and slimy. I got the feeling that it's possibly made from dye + corn starch? Yuck!
I used freezer paper stencil method for C's portion, while I just freehanded them. How far out can you be with big dots like this? :D

As much as I enjoyed the whole pattern drafting and tee shirt DIY painting process, I changed to another top before I left the house. This not-so-handmade top and my new skirt do seem to be a better match.

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