Thursday, May 21, 2015

Necessity Sewing + Turtle Neck Tutorial

After my turtle neck success earlier this month, I'm doing some necessity sewing this week.

I don't have a serger but the overlocking stitches on my machine work like magic. Because knit fabric doesn't fray, that cutting feature on the serger doesn't seem to be essential here.

These 3 tops didn't take much time at all.  They are perfect for wearing underneath school uniforms, or as is. Tee shirt pattern is from this book, and I've added a little turtle neck tutorial, for any type of tees.

1. Cut a piece of rectangle fabric. Measure around the neckline, that should be the length of your rectangle. Depends on how tall you want your turtle neck to be, double it (because you are going to fold the fabric in half). Mine happens to be 45 x 11cm.

2. Fold the fabric in half,  as shown in the picture above, with right sides facing sew up the side.

3. Open up the seam.

4. Fold it again, this time lengthwise, so the open seams are facing each other.

5. Pin or use clips to attach to the neckline. Sew all three layers together, using stretch stitches.

6. Finished. Woof woof.

I often find adding a turtle neck or a slimmer neck band a much quicker method compared to neck binding (aka the bias tape style). It's a fast sew so I suppose I should sew one up for our "Marley" too?

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