Monday, May 11, 2015

Double Gauze Purple Sherbet Dress

Double Gauze! I've finally met you.

This piece of fabric is one of the many that I brought back from our trip. It's solid purple as C chants lately "My favorite color is purple." She's got this sudden transition from pink to purple. It might be both girly colors still, but how many female adults tell you their favorite color is pink? Purple sounds definitely more mature, no?


The dress pattern is from Girly Style Wardrobe. The fabric, probably due to its softness, gives me more of a autumn feel which is perfect as our warm days are slowly slipping away. Who doesn't like pom pom trimmings? Not only are they little girls' favorite, I'm a big fan too. As a matter of fact, I've got so much in the stash now that I'll be using some soon on my own clothes.

The back calls for a snap fastner closure. They are really quick and easy to sew on and from the outside, it's almost invisible compared to buttons. By the way, my fastners are teeny weeny in size and those were the only ones I had on hand.

As I was saying earlier, our autumn/winter is approaching. C has outgrown so many of her clothes. As a sewing mama, I resist the urge to buy her new tees. I used the tee shirt pattern that's been tried and approved numerous times from this book, and then I added a turtle neck for the cooling weather. It's my first attempt to fiddle with a pattern besides lengthening sleeves. I shall call it "easy job nicely done".


Excuse the dog. I get a feeling this won't be his last appearance.

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