Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm Back!


It's been a few days since we got back from our school holiday trip, but no matter how hard my mind screams "blog blog blog", my body says sleep. The flight on way home felt hopelessly long and at one point I started to doubt if I was going to survive those thousands of kill-me-now "Are we there yet?" questions from my 5-year-old. OK as long as our next trip doesn't involve any plane ride, I am cured.

Back to our amazing trip.
We arrived in Tokyo at midnight, thanks to the delayed flight from Cape Town which had caused us to miss our connecting flight from Dubai to Tokyo. But once we arrived, it's a new chapter.
The people are unbelievably polite, I mean even the bus driver on his last midnight shift? We had booked an apartment from Airbnb but somehow we misread the directions and were lost, 2 a.m. in the morning, with our 3 pieces of luggage, in Shibuya.  A few failed attemps to solve the problem ourselves later, we decided that asking around with my broken Japanese would be the best bet. And there, two guys walked us to the building where our booked apartment is. I don't know, people in Tokyo just have that "trust me" look on their faces.

Is Tokyo the capital of "World of Crafts"? It should be. If there's something craft related that you can't find in Tokyo, chances are you won't find it anywhere else. I had to hold my breath to contain my excitement when I was at Yuzawaya inside Takashimaya shopping center in Shinjuku. They sell everything from small buttons to fabrics and sewing machines. Really, I could've easily spent 2 full days there time permitted.

Bad service doesn't exist in Tokyo. People are extremely helpful and full of enthusiasm no matter where you go. I had never seen people who are so dedicated to their work.
Walking at Shibuya Crossing --- possibiy the busiest intersection in the world, I just saw tons of people dissolve into each other. It's so crowded yet so in order.  Talking about fashion sense, almost every single one of them in Shibuya is a fashion icon that can be easily photograghed and put in Japanese sewing books.

C lost her first baby tooth in Tokyo. She's looking for a Japanese tooth fairy.
I spent a good amount of time playing with C at the apartment. Traveling with a little kid means compromise and I had no problem with that. After all, my purpose was served on our first outing.

Back at home in Cape Town. I have loads of fabric washing still to be done and my library has expanded. Those Disneyland staffs' cheerful chants are still at the back of head. I'm so ready to tackle the rest of the year with a little Japanese spirit.

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