Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm Back --- Part 2

Whenever C sees any one of these buildings that represents Shanghai in the picture above, she'd always proudly say "That's in Shanghai and it's where my mom is from."
True, Shanghai does have its beauty in a mega way. It is like that because most Chinese people possess some level of vanity character. You either go big or go home. That's why Shanghai has some tallest buildings in the world, some most amazing shopping centers, a theatre house called "The Grand Theatre", a nickname called The Pearl of the Orient.

This city is the second destination of our trip after Tokyo.
I was born and fed in Shanghai, a true Shanghainese in blood and heart. I am in awe everytime I go back and see how much this city has built up, yet nowadays I have a more complex feeling. When I see a place, I always look at two things: hardware, which is the city facilities; software, that's people. The metropolis Shanghai has everything to offer, however I feel people there have a long way to go to match Tokyo. You still see people try to cut a queue, talk loudly in public, not as polite --- definitely not polite at all compared to people in Tokyo, etc etc. All these little things I used to blame at the migrants from other parts of China. There's nothing wrong with people going to a bigger city looking for more opportunities, but bringing the bad habits along is just not right.

street food

Once we landed on the China soil, most social media apps on my phone stopped working. China has banned Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc. The local search engine takes its time to respond to foreign websites. Imagine my frustration when I had zero access to my gmail account, blogger and life lines! As a matter of fact, among the 2701 websites China bans, blogger and wordpress are two of them. I guess my little space here doesn't exist on any Chinese computer screen.


My outings were very limited when we were in Shanghai. Most of the time C only wanted to stay at home and play with her daily delivered toys. The very few times that we did go out, that's what happened (picture above). Lots of walking for those little legs. Most pictures are from M's phone. At least he had a better glimpse of the city.

Once again, I've left Shanghai and escaped Mother Dragon's den. Someone asked me if I could go back and live in Shanghai again. The answer was negative. I'm already too laid-back for that fast-paced city. Plus, no blogger? no way! :-)
I do hope years later when I go back again, I should feel more positive impact from the people not just the city itself.

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