Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Grey-Striped Tapered Pants


"Mom, I'm bored of you wearing the same pants all the time." That's definitely my cue of expanding my pants range. I have been wearing my sarouel pants a lot. It's so comfy and easy to wear --- nothing beats elastic band waist. Actually most of the things I wear nowadays are the ones I've made myself. I have always wanted to give my wardrobe a spring clean and take a vow to only wear handmade clothes. I need more guts get rid of my old clothes all at once, and of course I will have to make more clothes to rotate.

With my new book I Love Pants in one hand and some newly acquired Japanese fabric in the other I was ready to work. Let me start by praising the fabric. This cotton is so so soft, like baby blanket material. Gah I always feel mighty content to work with good quality fabric. Excuse the pictures. C insisted being the stylist slash photographer, claiming it's her turn....I have no clue why the pants look so drunk in the pictures. Does it always happen to fine stripes?

Here is a better view on the fabric, and some details of the pants. The leg bottoms are tapered, created by layering up the hem. Same with the waist. One of the many brilliant things about sewing with Japanese sewing books is that it teaches you solid techniques. I've sewn inseam pockets once before, but this time the book showed a different method which is easier, cleaner and the pocket edges are sharper.

I opted for a size L designed for 168cm tall ladies and lengthened 5cm. However, these supposed-to-be full length pants still look three-quarterly, which I'm totally fine with. I mean I can always pair them with long socks in winter? The high waist and tucks give a slight bubbly look, exactly what I need for my almost non-existing hips.

These pants have just taken the space of a dress that I've never worn once for the past 5 years.
One in one out.
Good strategy yeah?

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