Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Star-Light-Star-Bright Bolero

We are experiencing some load sheddings lately and this evening the power went off from 6pm to 8pm. As a consquence, when I put C to bed tonight, we saw millions of stars in the sky, thanks to a pitch-dark neighborhood. I'm not exaggerating. Millions of them! We were both mesmerized and stared at the sky for a long time -- long enough to replace the bedtime story.

Then I thought, what better names could I possibly give to this bolero? The fabric, from Focus Fabric, is black linen dipped in golden glitters, just like a starry sky. I fell for this fabric the moment I saw it.... However, I had some big issue with the fabric when I started working on it. The color started to run, out of control. My sewing machine, iron and scissors had multiple black marks until the help of some invasive Handy Andy. My hands were stained for two days. At this point, in spite of my frustration, I was still glad that I had forgot to throw it into the washing machine and prewashed it with other fabric.

Let me quickly move to the positive side of this bolero. My local supermarket has stopped stocking the baking paper that I had used for one year to trace my patterns, and that pushed me to look for other resources. I found something called "poly trace" at Cape Town Sewing Center. I imagine it must be the equivalent to the very famous Swedish tracing paper. My old baking paper was great to use, but now I'm feeling awesome as I upgrade to a more professional ... ugh...pattern tracing media.

This pattern is from Girls Style Book. It's not very obvious but the bolero is full of gathers, which explains the bubbly look. I must've done something wrong along the line, the two front yoke pieces are much bigger than the neck lining, so I had to create two tucks at the front, one on each side, to make things even. Felt like a genius when I did it, but again it's not so noticeable on the finished product.

The dress underneath was my last year's proud produce. It's been one of C's dress-up faves. "Marley" in the picture was from our recent Shanghai trip. She got a few stuffed animals from IKEA and we had to shop for some vacuum storage bags. Note to myself: vacuum bags should become travel essentials.

I guess my sewing motion has officially kicked off. I've got tons of new fabric and trimmings from the trip all prewashed and ready for me. Be back soon!

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