Friday, March 20, 2015

Is It Friday Already?

I'm experiencing some very noticeable dry spell lately. My to-do list is ever so long and especially now just days before our trip. And that last one hour I've got in the day I surrender to laundry instead of blogging. Does that make sense?

I know. Excuse....

So today I went to the C's school for a brief teacher/parent meeting. I was told by the end of the year, their goal is to teach the kids up to number 20 --- counting and recognition. Number 20 (only!!) to these 5/6-year-olds? The teacher is from the UK and she herself is quite puzzled with how slow the foundational phase education is here in South Africa.

I must've expressed this numerous times before, that I don't aim to become a forceful parent --- I've become a new person after our Kumon saga, and believe the kids' own interest plays a big role here. Having been forcefed most of my school years, I can tell you learning without a passion, backfires. BUT, is it normal to have such a slow start, compared to the rest of the world? At this point, I refuse to bring China into the picture yet.

When I was a kid, I had this framed caligraphy banner in my room. It means "Jing's study". My late grandfather who was a university graduate, a.k.a. a big deal if you had high education during those years, along with my father made very sure that I started my study journey early. My father used to boast that I knew 200 Chinese charactors already by the age of 2, which sounds almost impossible now that I look at it with C's year two development.
Today, do I know more charactors than most people? Definitely not. But I would say my perspective towards learning in general was formed during those early years.

There's this old Chinese saying "Failing to educate the child is the fault of the father." I get the feeling that in most families here we lucky mothers often get to play the bad cop role and see to the kids' homework. Before that "SA has the worst maths, science education in world" article comes to haunt me again, I should carry on with my supplementary home teaching? I mean I'd love for C to explore and have fun, but building up a strong (or semi strong) logic foundation is equally important, isn't it? Ah the school worries me sometimes....

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