Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bouncing Stars Skirt


I had the urge to call this taking-your-five-year-old-to-fabric-shop-side-effect skirt. I bought this piece of chiffon fabric together with a piece of silver polyestery knit months ago. I don't like this kind of poly chiffon, or any fabric that's made from plastic, but C strongly insisted.... Anyway, one of my goals for this month is to use only the fabric from my stash boxes. Here I present you this chiffon skirt with a cotton lining.

The skirt requires no pattern. As I aimed to use up the whole piece of chiffon with very little wastage. I cut up two rectangles pieces as wide as 1 meter each. When two pieces were sewn together, that's about 4 times C's waist which gives it a nice twirl.

I made this skirt two days after the hottest day we've ever experienced. C was almost certain this should be a winter skirt. It is indeed. While I was taking her out of the shower today, I realized I totally forgot about the photoshoot. Inside the house was getting too dark already, so I roughly creamed her and pulled her outside for a quickie. I got maybe 5 blog friendly photos from all that bouncing. Ag I need to up my skill a little.

C came up with another playful way to wear this skirt. Ha! I remember doing the same thing when I was the kid, like styling your skirt to a two-way functional garment is the timeless fashion.

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