Friday, February 20, 2015

Stripey Cardigan

How often does your child(ren) lose their clothes? Mine always checks her school locker and bag and knows where everything is. So I guess the occasional garment missing incident is probably because of me, by misplacing her clothes really.
I've made this cardigan once (which has gone missing) and it was a big hit. So simple and easy to wear, especially now for autumn's cooler mornings and evening.

I've never sewn stripes before. I was too afraid of all that matching-up-the-stripes hassle. Time for a challenge. I lined up the fabric super cautiously, giving my full concentration. A true OCD in the making.
It turned out, that knit fabric with stripes didn't give me a headache at all. My guess is I might have had thrown a tantrum had it been a piece of woven fabric.
The bias binding fabric is from here. C's been complaining that I didn't use this fabric to make a dress for her. Don't worry my little girl, mom's got it all on my to-do list.... page 34.

C is in love with Hip Hop. We see those arm waves all the time. Whenever she hears some fast paced music, her whole body is dance ready. I pinned her to the wall straight from a Hip Hop class. As you can see, she's still wearing her dance outfit underneath.

For some reason, I like this photo. It looks natural and doesn't have all that kiddie-like vibe. Makes sense?


Happy weekend!

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