Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pegasus Freezer Paper Tee

Let me repeat. I'm not done with knits. I've still got a big pile yearning for my attention. This week I sewed up two more pairs of dark navy blue colored leggings, plus one tee for C to wear underneath her school uniform when the cooler months hit us.

However, as I started the tee shirt, I got really bored sewing up all these basics. And coincidentally, the freezer paper that I ordered online had arrived all the way from the States. Yay! Freezer paper fabric printing for me. I had been dying to try this one for a long long time.

I found this pegasus silhouette online and freehanded it. To me, figuring out a way to copy it and then adjust the size takes much longer than just to draw it out on a piece of paper. Old school is me. Anyway, the rest of the process was exactly how I imagined it would be. Easy peasy. The finished product was very much adored, so much so that C had already ordered another print for her Valentine's Day outfit.

We are experiencing some heat waves and I just didn't have the heart to wrap this around Miss C for a photo.
Until next time.

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