Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunny and Happy Days Outfit

I sewed up and briefly photographed this outfit before the new year, but along with it I also made up 100 excuses not to post it. I kept saving it like I was afraid there's no other projects lining up, which was a fact. I had a dry spell that I assume is pretty much school holiday stress related. C started school last Wednesday and I can feel I'm slowly getting into the sewing rhythm and my mind is spinning again.

It looks kind of like some loose jumpsuit but it's actually a two-piece. Extremely easy to put together. I sewed up one size bigger thinking it should last till next summer. Miss C has got more than enough clothes for this season.

The pattern is from this book. Most of the styles from the book are very basic and everyday wear. I used up some fabric that I've got in my slowly-getting-out-of-control stash. Very happy about that.

We will be welcoming some really nice and warm days in the week ahead and this is something easy and cool to put on during those after-school hours, if C decides to have a clothes change...

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