Thursday, January 15, 2015

Random Thoughts

My health index is quite low over the past few weeks. After coughing my way through Christmas and new year plus an extra 2 weeks,  I seriously thought I was going to get that 6-pack tummy as a consolation prize. I wish. So I'm now on a week long course of antibiotics and my tummy feels bloated while my spirit low.

Moments like this I feel my work/life imbalance. I actually feel it. I want to be more productive but often circumstances don't allow it to happen, then I question myself whether I have a life or not. The negativity begins. I still pretend to be cheerful in front of C's pretend games, which is not negotiable. I cry but then I wipe my face and put on a smile. I consider myself lucky. I mean to spend the amount of time with your kid(s) like I do, that's a bless.

Whenever I have this feeling, I put on Moms' Night Out and I'm cured. This motherhood job is so ridiculously hard and I'm glad to know that almost no one is rocking it, or so what I am led to believe.

I feel better just babbling it all out. Now it's time to tackle that 2-page long to-do list.

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