Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hip and Hop


Last year when C was in Pre-2, every thursday after she finished sports, she'd go to her classroom and found Pre-3 kids were having their Hip Hop extra mural classes.  And everytime she'd stand there and watch them, then totally forgot she's supposed to go in there, get her bag and get out.
Hip Hop has become one of many highlights in her new Pre-3 year.

"Mama, I wish it's Hip Hop everyday!!" That's the first thing she said to me after her first class last week. I mean what's not to love? The music is energetic. It makes you want to move every inch of your body. Oh and the teacher makes up funny games and animal movements. The kids all came out of classroom like they'd been fed 5 chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream topping.

"Oh and do you know, we don't have to wear our school uniform at Hip Hop. Can you make me Hip Hop clothes, please.....por favor~~ (that's from watching way too much Dora the Explorer)".

The pants pattern is from Burda. I sewed in-seam pockets for the very first time. C contributed this sequins shape "2" from her stash and insisted me sew it on her pants. I always like her input and this time I thought to myself "wow I really like that touch."


This tee shirt is my record speed. I had that 15 minutes just before our shower ritual and C was happily checking things on iPad and I tiptoed to the sewing machine and started working like those guys on Project Runway who just received their last 5-minutes' warning. I never neaten the seam edges and let the bottom unsewn. Needless to say the sewing involved no ironing/pressing whatsoever. I was counting on that "knit doesn't fray" and tried to get everything done before shower. I made it. But if Nina Garcia had to have a closer look, I would be dead on the spot.
Now only if I had a serger.....

Some attitude.
C love love loves the outfit. And that says everything.

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