Monday, January 26, 2015

Girl in Black

As I am typing this, my sewing table, also known as dining table, is piled with knit fabric. I've got a load in the washing machine waiting to be taken out. I'm in a knit buying frenzy lately. C is in desperate need for new tee shirts and leggings. And what happens when you are a sewing mama? You start sewing!

I've sewn leggings before, using Andrea's Go To Leggings pattern. It was a quick sew, but there seems to have two minor problems with the fit. One being that extra room at the front crouch area; The second issue is I've always had to add a few centimeters at the bottom to lengthen the legs.
The legging pattern from this book is life changing. The fit is perfect and I love that crunched look at the bottom.

There's enough fabric to cover the belly botton. I added a button there so it's easy for C to know which side is front.

The tee shirt pattern is from the same book.  I've done a short-sleeve version before, so I was almost 100% confident that the fit's going to turn out great. OK the hem is puckering, but I still hear my heart sing. This is just the beginning of many tee shirts and leggings to come, freezer paper stenciling, embroidery/cross-stitch, the options are endless.

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