Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Round Up

With most blogs posting a year end review, I feel work undone for the year just passed us if I don't come up one quickly. This blog was born in April 2014, under the desperation of wanting to do something more productive and creative than the usual tasks I get handed out in the motherhood. I told a friend about my idea of learning to sew initially, and she said, "you know, sewing is still very motherly/housewifey." It's true in a way, but I was determined to opt for a more creative route. No I still don't prossess the skills of pattern making, but now looking back, I'm proud that I've matured so much of my sewing skills from blank, and it makes me generally happier nurturing this blog baby.

Let's witness my growth in the past year together, shall we?

Elsa Dress
Sally Dress
Sally Dress with Short Sleeves
Inifinity Scarf and Circle Skirt
Janey Dress
Georgia Dress
Sadie Tunic
Bubbly Dress
A-line Dress

Frill Collar Dress
One Shoulder Dress
Bubbly Dress Take Two
Smock Top
Flamingo Flare Sleeve Dress
Star Parka
Easy Rectangle Gathered Strap Dress
Pintuck Dress
Black Pepper V-neck Dress

The Fusion Dress
Project Runway Inspired Bellflower Dress
Birthday Outfit
Not-so-sportive Sports Day Outfit
Clover Jacket Upcycle
A Halloween Witch
Baby Geranium
Silver Duest Dress
Mini Petal Bleu

I've even made some outfit for myself.  And I hear that "I'm never buying clothes again" in my head a lot.

Violet Blouse
Clover Jacket
Above-and-Beyond Dress
Step-in Culottes
A Lily-of-the-valley Dress
Petal Bleu

It's been a good year. I've got a sewing machine and a new camera. My babbling skill is improving and C is conquering her in-front-of the camera diffidence. I've learnt so much about sewing. There's still a ton of techniques I'm dying to try in the coming year and I'm waiting with eager to get it started.
Happy new year!

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