Tuesday, January 20, 2015

180 million years old

Ok I'm pretty sane. This dinosaur picture is not metaphorical but merely from a small scaled exhibition we went to see during the school holiday. Just look at this humongous pre-historic creature with sharp teeth and devilish small eyes. Doesn't it make you cringe. I know I would if I were 5 years old.  Knowing that they went extinct and these guys are made from either rubber or silicone doesn't help much.

C was hiding behind my shoulder the whole trip, with her eyes tightly closed. She wanted nothing to do them. I had a quick scan and saw one particular species lived 180 million years ago. When we were clear of the "intimidating zone" I tried to cheer C up.

Me: Do you know some dinosaurs lived 180 million years ago?!
C:   Phew thank goodness they don't exist anymore. Or else I'll run away as fast as I can.
Me: Who looks 180 million years old to you? (Suicidal question...I was praying she wasn't going to say me.)
C:  Um.. I don't know.
Me: Does daddy look that old to you? (always daddy first ;-))
C:  No way.
Me: Grandpa?
C:  No.
Me: Anybody?
C:  N.E.L.S.O.N.  M.A.N.D.E.L.L.A.!

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