Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hip and Hop


Last year when C was in Pre-2, every thursday after she finished sports, she'd go to her classroom and found Pre-3 kids were having their Hip Hop extra mural classes.  And everytime she'd stand there and watch them, then totally forgot she's supposed to go in there, get her bag and get out.
Hip Hop has become one of many highlights in her new Pre-3 year.

"Mama, I wish it's Hip Hop everyday!!" That's the first thing she said to me after her first class last week. I mean what's not to love? The music is energetic. It makes you want to move every inch of your body. Oh and the teacher makes up funny games and animal movements. The kids all came out of classroom like they'd been fed 5 chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream topping.

"Oh and do you know, we don't have to wear our school uniform at Hip Hop. Can you make me Hip Hop clothes, please.....por favor~~ (that's from watching way too much Dora the Explorer)".

The pants pattern is from Burda. I sewed in-seam pockets for the very first time. C contributed this sequins shape "2" from her stash and insisted me sew it on her pants. I always like her input and this time I thought to myself "wow I really like that touch."


This tee shirt is my record speed. I had that 15 minutes just before our shower ritual and C was happily checking things on iPad and I tiptoed to the sewing machine and started working like those guys on Project Runway who just received their last 5-minutes' warning. I never neaten the seam edges and let the bottom unsewn. Needless to say the sewing involved no ironing/pressing whatsoever. I was counting on that "knit doesn't fray" and tried to get everything done before shower. I made it. But if Nina Garcia had to have a closer look, I would be dead on the spot.
Now only if I had a serger.....

Some attitude.
C love love loves the outfit. And that says everything.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Girl in Black

As I am typing this, my sewing table, also known as dining table, is piled with knit fabric. I've got a load in the washing machine waiting to be taken out. I'm in a knit buying frenzy lately. C is in desperate need for new tee shirts and leggings. And what happens when you are a sewing mama? You start sewing!

I've sewn leggings before, using Andrea's Go To Leggings pattern. It was a quick sew, but there seems to have two minor problems with the fit. One being that extra room at the front crouch area; The second issue is I've always had to add a few centimeters at the bottom to lengthen the legs.
The legging pattern from this book is life changing. The fit is perfect and I love that crunched look at the bottom.

There's enough fabric to cover the belly botton. I added a button there so it's easy for C to know which side is front.

The tee shirt pattern is from the same book.  I've done a short-sleeve version before, so I was almost 100% confident that the fit's going to turn out great. OK the hem is puckering, but I still hear my heart sing. This is just the beginning of many tee shirts and leggings to come, freezer paper stenciling, embroidery/cross-stitch, the options are endless.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Secret Valentine Exchange Gift

Beginning this year blogspherely well known Sanae and Ute teamed up to host another year of Secret Valentine Exchange. The idea is to do a gift swap among craft enthusiasts around the globe. Sounds supa dupa fun to me.

My gift receiver is someone that lives in Australia -- I'm not sure if I'm allowed to expose my "secret valentine" at this stage yet, so I'll give as little information as possible. We're all given a brief questionnaire about our respective receiver to start with.

This is what I've come up with.

A parcel style fabric bag --- fruit not included.

I've used this fabric combination before and I just can't seem to get enough of it.

Again, content not included.

And a collar / neck warmer.

I actually fell in love with it once it's made and I won't be surprised if I should make another one for myself.

One parcel to Australia ready to go.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

180 million years old

Ok I'm pretty sane. This dinosaur picture is not metaphorical but merely from a small scaled exhibition we went to see during the school holiday. Just look at this humongous pre-historic creature with sharp teeth and devilish small eyes. Doesn't it make you cringe. I know I would if I were 5 years old.  Knowing that they went extinct and these guys are made from either rubber or silicone doesn't help much.

C was hiding behind my shoulder the whole trip, with her eyes tightly closed. She wanted nothing to do them. I had a quick scan and saw one particular species lived 180 million years ago. When we were clear of the "intimidating zone" I tried to cheer C up.

Me: Do you know some dinosaurs lived 180 million years ago?!
C:   Phew thank goodness they don't exist anymore. Or else I'll run away as fast as I can.
Me: Who looks 180 million years old to you? (Suicidal question...I was praying she wasn't going to say me.)
C:  Um.. I don't know.
Me: Does daddy look that old to you? (always daddy first ;-))
C:  No way.
Me: Grandpa?
C:  No.
Me: Anybody?
C:  N.E.L.S.O.N.  M.A.N.D.E.L.L.A.!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunny and Happy Days Outfit

I sewed up and briefly photographed this outfit before the new year, but along with it I also made up 100 excuses not to post it. I kept saving it like I was afraid there's no other projects lining up, which was a fact. I had a dry spell that I assume is pretty much school holiday stress related. C started school last Wednesday and I can feel I'm slowly getting into the sewing rhythm and my mind is spinning again.

It looks kind of like some loose jumpsuit but it's actually a two-piece. Extremely easy to put together. I sewed up one size bigger thinking it should last till next summer. Miss C has got more than enough clothes for this season.

The pattern is from this book. Most of the styles from the book are very basic and everyday wear. I used up some fabric that I've got in my slowly-getting-out-of-control stash. Very happy about that.

We will be welcoming some really nice and warm days in the week ahead and this is something easy and cool to put on during those after-school hours, if C decides to have a clothes change...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Random Thoughts

My health index is quite low over the past few weeks. After coughing my way through Christmas and new year plus an extra 2 weeks,  I seriously thought I was going to get that 6-pack tummy as a consolation prize. I wish. So I'm now on a week long course of antibiotics and my tummy feels bloated while my spirit low.

Moments like this I feel my work/life imbalance. I actually feel it. I want to be more productive but often circumstances don't allow it to happen, then I question myself whether I have a life or not. The negativity begins. I still pretend to be cheerful in front of C's pretend games, which is not negotiable. I cry but then I wipe my face and put on a smile. I consider myself lucky. I mean to spend the amount of time with your kid(s) like I do, that's a bless.

Whenever I have this feeling, I put on Moms' Night Out and I'm cured. This motherhood job is so ridiculously hard and I'm glad to know that almost no one is rocking it, or so what I am led to believe.

I feel better just babbling it all out. Now it's time to tackle that 2-page long to-do list.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Round Up

With most blogs posting a year end review, I feel work undone for the year just passed us if I don't come up one quickly. This blog was born in April 2014, under the desperation of wanting to do something more productive and creative than the usual tasks I get handed out in the motherhood. I told a friend about my idea of learning to sew initially, and she said, "you know, sewing is still very motherly/housewifey." It's true in a way, but I was determined to opt for a more creative route. No I still don't prossess the skills of pattern making, but now looking back, I'm proud that I've matured so much of my sewing skills from blank, and it makes me generally happier nurturing this blog baby.

Let's witness my growth in the past year together, shall we?

Elsa Dress
Sally Dress
Sally Dress with Short Sleeves
Inifinity Scarf and Circle Skirt
Janey Dress
Georgia Dress
Sadie Tunic
Bubbly Dress
A-line Dress

Frill Collar Dress
One Shoulder Dress
Bubbly Dress Take Two
Smock Top
Flamingo Flare Sleeve Dress
Star Parka
Easy Rectangle Gathered Strap Dress
Pintuck Dress
Black Pepper V-neck Dress

The Fusion Dress
Project Runway Inspired Bellflower Dress
Birthday Outfit
Not-so-sportive Sports Day Outfit
Clover Jacket Upcycle
A Halloween Witch
Baby Geranium
Silver Duest Dress
Mini Petal Bleu

I've even made some outfit for myself.  And I hear that "I'm never buying clothes again" in my head a lot.

Violet Blouse
Clover Jacket
Above-and-Beyond Dress
Step-in Culottes
A Lily-of-the-valley Dress
Petal Bleu

It's been a good year. I've got a sewing machine and a new camera. My babbling skill is improving and C is conquering her in-front-of the camera diffidence. I've learnt so much about sewing. There's still a ton of techniques I'm dying to try in the coming year and I'm waiting with eager to get it started.
Happy new year!