Sunday, December 14, 2014

Silver Dust Dress

The side effect of dragging your 5-year-old to do fabric shopping includes buying something that's a big no-no to you, besides all the heavy labor incurred at the store.  We came home with this silver knit fabric. I don't know what it's called or what the percentages of contents are, but what I do know is that this is a piece of eczema inducing polyestery fabric.

Because of its unfriendly nature toward human skin, I decided to make something that should stay as far away from C's skin as possible. A circle skirt came to my mind. As I browsed through the books, this very similar to Geranium dress style caught my eyes. I could easily borrow the bodice part and change the bottom to a full circle skirt.

I made a mental note to cut the circle skirt a little longer, as this bodice part is quite short. C came along requesting a piece of fabric to make a trampoline for her toy figurines. I was too excited to contribute the center circle piece that I totally forgot to lengthen the skirt.... The dress is a little shorter than what I had pictured, but I figured that it can be easily worn with tights and long sleeve tee underneath in cooler months.

Her latest enthusiasm is ball bouncing and wouldn't give up practicing during photoshoot.

That evening, she found a pair of my shoes and got inspired again. "I wish I could have this pair of shoes like yours." C said. Me too! I wish I could upcycle that pair of shoes just for the dress. Crazy thoughts. :-)

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