Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pink Floral PJ/Work Pants

Yes, that's right. All I am sharing today is a pair of super easy pants that can be worn when you chill during the holidays. No pockets + Elasticated waist = Nothing fancy.
C and I decided to go fabric shopping after the last day of school. We have had more successful experience before. This time we were both instantly drained as we stepped in the store, and she wanted to be in my arms all the time. The 20kg weight wasn't easy to carry, plus shifting multiple fabric rolls at the same time.

This print is the pink version of my own floral pants, which she always asks for the same pair whenever I wear them. She was so excited when she spotted the fabric that for a moment I thought I could just put her down and let her have some romance with the fabric roll. That didn't happen...

I felt almost ashamed to have used a pattern for the pants, after making numerous versions of shorts and three-quarters. Anyway, I wanted to be precise and possibly keep the pattern for future use. The fit was spot on. Some perfect house work pants.

The long school holiday officially kicked off 4 days ago. It's usually easily detectable from the intricacy of my sewing projects, isn't it? :-)
Happy holidays.

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