Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ear Piercing

C browsing the jewelleries. I was sure the lady behind the counter had cold sweats over all the fingerprints on the glass.
With more and more C's friends at school getting their ears pierced, she couldn't sit still anymore. She was so determined to get it done this holiday, in spite of her needle phobia.

I had my ears pierced probably around the same age. My late grandmother used to say "if you want to be pretty, then you have to embrace a little pain." I was head strong, and just like my daughter, I begged my mom into buying me earrings.
I proudly wore earrings for a year, feeling brave (it was a body piercing at any rate) and flashy, until the school rules hit me --- no jewellery of any kind was allowed. I swapped my earrings for some thin stalks found in Chinese green tea, which was a popular earring subsititute back then.

Two youtube videos later, she was ready to go.
The whole procedure was quick and involved no tears. To be honest, I was more nervous than her. The mall had an ice sliding thing going and it automatically became part of the reward.

C's first body piercing, check.

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