Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Holiday

The December school holiday is the longest and most daunting one. We are a family solo in Cape Town so the Christmas spirit is not very high. Last year we went away to Kalk Bay and Standford to escape the city crowd. We spent a good month in the middle of nowhere, and I squeezed my brains out trying to think of new ideas to entertain C. Eventually we discovered a nice beach half an hour from where we stayed and it became our daily highlight.

This year I want to do something totally different. I want to stay in the city where everything is accessible and several beaches are merely 5kms away. I said to M if we were ever going on holiday again, it has to be either one of the three:
  • an all-inclusive trip to Disney Land
  • an all-inclusive vacation to Mauritius
  • an all-inclusive cruise vacation
The keyword is "all-inclusive".  I want to sit back and have meal served (preferably fed) to me and do nothing. My kid has to be fully entertained, and that's why that Disney Land is on top of the list. However, to haul the whole family from the African continent to North America is not some cheap exercise, especially with the current useless rand to dollar exchange rate.

So how am I going to survive this holiday?
  • buy more ready-to-cook food than my usual make-everything-from-scratch style
  • be more flexible with the iPad and TV
  • organize lots of play dates, indoors and outdoors
  • get help to clean the house
  • and lastly, stay away from a moody husband
For the past 5 years, I've been hard on myself and have never relaxed one moment. I actually have forgotten what it's like to slow down. This season I'm going to keep reminding myself that it's my holiday as well as everybody else's. I've been doing a double shift looking after the whole family with zero help, and at the same time, trying to keep a blog running. I deserve some good quality me time, and hope to bring more creations next year.

*pictures shown above are taken from last year's holiday.

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