Friday, December 12, 2014

Born from a Seed

A while ago, C asked me where she's from and how she's born. Instead of throwing a we-found-you-in-the-trash-can version that I was told when I was a kid, I told her that daddy gave me a seed and she sprouted in my tummy.

She had a play date two days ago and I overheard her telling her friend the seed version.
"My mom ate a seed and I grew inside her tummy. Then she gave birth to me."

My own parents have never told me how I happened. The stories went with baby me either left under a bridge, or in a trash can. They had found me and raised me up. It's still one of my mom's proud jokes today. I don't have a better answer yet even if C had to pursue any deeper now. However, I know I would like to be a little more matter-of-fact than my parents. :-)

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